The testimonials below reflect the many benefits of developing Game, including: improved attraction skills; improved confidence and success with the opposite sex; more, and better, dates; more, and better, sex; and improved relationships with romantic interests. Beyond romantic benefits, Game development has helped Get Game Group clients achieve greater happiness, better relationships with friends and family, and greater professional success. 

I feel like I owe Mario so much! He has helped me up my confidence tremendously. I used to be paralyzed with fear over public speaking and meeting new people. With Mario’s help, I have been able to give public speeches and speak to new people with such ease. He showed me that the only person’s approval I should be seeking is my own. Since then, my confidence has skyrocketed and I almost can’t even believe I ever even had social anxieties. On top of that, my grades have improved significantly due to my newfound comfort and confidence.


Working with Mario was a great experience. I had to deal with some issues in my relationship that I didn’t know how to overcome. Mario listened to me very carefully, and helped me look at things from a different perspective. I really appreciated that he was so professional and didn’t try to tell me what to do, what the perfect outcome would be – instead gave me the ability to find a solution myself from what I’ve heard and learned from him. He helped me with my self esteem and I still remember what he taught me every time I have to face new problems. I would go back and talk to him at any given time again.