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All the way from Brazil, I was messing around on my Instagram and had the luck to find the epic, motivational, truth-shoving Get Game Group. Behind all their awesome stuff is this guy, Mario. This dude tells me the deepest social dynamics stuff, knowledge about relating “Man to Woman,” and behavior fixes that IF I ever ended up knowing this things on my own, I would be in my 40’s. If you’re a man ready to take action, Get Game Group is the way to that change you never thought possible.


I feel like I owe Mario so much! He has helped me up my confidence tremendously. I used to be paralyzed with fear over public speaking and meeting new people. With Mario’s help, I have been able to give public speeches and speak to new people with such ease. He showed me that the only person’s approval I should be seeking is my own. Since then, my confidence has skyrocketed and I almost can’t even believe I ever even had social anxieties. On top of that, my grades have improved significantly due to my newfound comfort and confidence.