The testimonials below reflect the many benefits of developing Game, including: improved attraction skills; improved confidence and success with the opposite sex; more, and better, dates; more, and better, sex; and improved relationships with romantic interests. Beyond romantic benefits, Game development has helped Get Game Group clients achieve greater happiness, better relationships with friends and family, and greater professional success. 

I first emailed Mario when I ran into a few speed bumps with a particular girl. She’s absolutely stunning and I obviously wanted it to go right! Mario responded to my email super quickly with an incredibly detailed response and analysis of what was actually happening. It was so spot on it was scary! I immediately felt better after the response and calibrated a few things with the girl and I.


A few weeks later, and things couldn’t be going better. She’s head over heels for me and I’m stoked. This man truly cares about helping you with whatever your goal may be. Want multiple girls? Want one particular girl? Is your life not quite on track with any of these things? Do yourself a favour and get in contact with him, and get your situation sorted.  


Thanks again mate, you’re an absolute champion and I’m forever grateful for your advice!


Mario, the GetGameGuy, always helps me figure out the right thing to do when it comes to girl problems. Every time I need to ask something about Game he ALWAYS has the right answer! I can say that thanks to Mario, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one!”


I feel like I owe Mario so much! He has helped me up my confidence tremendously. I used to be paralyzed with fear over public speaking and meeting new people. With Mario’s help, I have been able to give public speeches and speak to new people with such ease. He showed me that the only person’s approval I should be seeking is my own. Since then, my confidence has skyrocketed and I almost can’t even believe I ever even had social anxieties. On top of that, my grades have improved significantly due to my newfound comfort and confidence.


Mario’s advice doesn’t only apply to men; his advice for women is just as impactful. Mario helped me realize I was giving conflicting messages to my friend with benefits. After he advised me, I was able to reestablish boundaries and maintain a power dynamic more suited to what I wanted out of the relationship. Although that particular relationship eventually fizzled out, I have been able to translate what he taught me to other relationships and I haven’t made the same mistakes since.

Ladies, if you’re looking for some dating advice, Mario is your guy!


I contacted Mario after a difficult breakup with my boyfriend of a year. When I messaged him, I felt alone and hopeless; like my future was bleak and no one would ever love me again. Mario coached me through my issues with my ex, and I gained the confidence to put myself back out there and explore the dating world again. Mario really does care about his students. He would periodically check in with me to see how I was progressing, and I really appreciated it. I now feel more empowered than I ever have in my entire life, and dating has been really fun. I know if I ever run into any obstacles, Mario will have amazing, life-changing advice for me…and trust me, he can help you too!


I emailed Mario for some life advice. He made me realize that I was overthinking things and that I needed to take more action. He broke down the process of learning something new for me into simple steps and helped give me the motivational boost that I needed to move forward.


I have followed Get Game Group for some time on Twitter and it was entertaining and motivational. Learning game might just be one of the most important things you could do for yourself as a man, and Mario from Get Game Group is here to help you on your journey.


Thanks Mario!


Where do I start? I messaged Mario for some help regarding a girl at 2 A.M. my time, hoping for him to reach out to me with a blunt response that would at least point me to direction. What I got was EXTREMELY unexpected. He guessed my entire situation based on a complete background brief which I gave him. He even predicted what I have tried to do, which was absolutely spot on, followed by an intricate response. He pointed me in the correct direction, and the information he gave was full of value and extremely detailed. I honestly was not expecting this; the detailed and accuracy in the response was actually astonishing. I’d recommend Mario to everybody, and he has definitely gained a loyal fan/follower in me after he genuinely reached out and took time out to help me in his busy schedule, even though I had never spoken to him before. It’s quite hard for me to express my gratitude via typing, but to calibrate, I’m honestly grateful for the help and sincerity Mario showed to a message he received completely out of the blue from me. Thanks Super Mario!


Mario may not be a subtle man, but thank God! Mario’s brutal honesty has really helped me improve my Game. Not only have I become more confident and comfortable with who I am, but I also have learned to stop settling and go after what I really want out of a relationship. No longer am I walked all over by men. He taught me that if a man can’t see how amazing I am, he isn’t the right guy anyway. Mario is great a putting things into a more positive perspective. I went from feeling like I was incapable of not making the same mistakes over and over again to being excited to embrace my obstacles. Mario’s advice has changed my life. It was like I was blind my whole life until Mario helped me remove my own blinders. If you’re tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, Mario can help you pinpoint what you’re doing wrong and give you advice on how to improve your strategies.


Let me just say first off, Mario is an Alpha amongst Alphas and up and coming Alphas. Whatever circumstances occurred in his life to mold him into the social savant he is today, be glad he is willing to impart that knowledge onto us.

Mario has helped me to be aware of my own mental barriers with not just how I view women, but in how interact with them. He is brutally honest, but in a world of fucked up social conditioning, we need someone like him to let us really know how to navigate the social dynamics between a man and a woman.

I came to Mario hat in my hand with a girl I was flailing around with, and he took the time to show me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, and I ended up sleeping with that girl on the first night out.

I would recommend anyone to work with Mario, as he takes the time to really give a fuck about you because he genuinely wants to help.


I learned about Get Game Group and GetGameGuy when I was at a time in my life where my game just wasn’t sticking. It was nothing but flake after flake. I asked for advice regarding different girls during my time talking with Mario, and he was always helpful, and always thinking outside the box. The best way I can describe it is that, “It’s as if you have a coach on your side, keeping your eyes on the prize.” I learned and applied several key aspects of Game, which one passively forgets, such as never putting a girl on a pedestal before she deserves it, never rushing things, and more importantly, becoming the man you know you are. I’m happy to report through Get Game Group that I’m now in a happy relationship, and that’s due to the constant reminder of always staying true to who I was and my values, which is what ultimately got me my girl. So thank you to Mario and Get Game Group. I recommend them to all my friends having girl troubles. Remember, it’s never wrong to ask for help!


Working with Mario was a great experience. I had to deal with some issues in my relationship that I didn’t know how to overcome. Mario listened to me very carefully, and helped me look at things from a different perspective. I really appreciated that he was so professional and didn’t try to tell me what to do, what the perfect outcome would be – instead gave me the ability to find a solution myself from what I’ve heard and learned from him. He helped me with my self esteem and I still remember what he taught me every time I have to face new problems. I would go back and talk to him at any given time again.


I asked GetGameGuy for help after I had slept with a girl I met on a night out. He was able to help me with the frames of mind through which I should see the interaction. Beyond that, he shared what not to do and why, as well as recommendations on what to do and why. He went further and explained what certain actions and behaviors suggest, the reasoning, and their implications!


I would highly recommend GetGameGuy. He’s someone who has the direct experience to be so helpful! He helped me progress by showing me the frame through which to view and lead the interaction. Thanks again!


I was recently questioning my life.. especially my sex life. I was determined that there must be some way to get better results with woman. In other words, “Get Game.” So I typed “get game” in Google and found Get Game Group on Instagram. I then went on the Get Game Group website and there were good articles, but I wanted more help, and decided to contact the CEO, GetGameGuy.


He helped me a lot with understanding the basics and he also helped me with one girl that I well…slept with after his help in correcting my mistakes. I was amazed! Mario also gave me some text gaming tips, which I now use.


If you want to stop wanking and start fucking, well there is a website out there for you. And don’t forget, Mario is providing constant Instagram posts and live gaming tips on Periscope sessions, I encourage you to follow!


Before working with Mario, I was doing things “my way” and getting the same unwanted results. I was not able to develop relationships past the first date and my Tinder game was just a mess. First thing Mario did was help me make-over my Tinder profile. Once that was complete he coached me on how to interact with women I met on there; how to develop their interest and attraction to me while being my true self. As a result, I met a great woman on Tinder that I’m still dating today. Thank you Mario!  


I was completely unaware that I had been equivalent to a dancing monkey while in set until Mario brought it to my attention. Not only that, but as soon as I started being mindful of Mario’s suggestions my sets would last much longer. The icing on the cake is that I scored my first girlfriend now, and my attitude about the world has changed for the best.