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Level 2: Advanced Online Dating Game (AVAILABLE MAY 15)


  1. Level 2 Mission Preparation
  2. Optimal OD Settings
  3. Player Backstory Development
  4. TOP SECRET: Dating Target Intel
  5. Picture Strategy
  6. Written Content Strategy
  7. Communication Cheat Codes
  8. Opening Messages
  9. Communication Strategy
  10. Everything “Leveling Up”
  11. Everything “First Meet”
  12. Level 2 Completion: Avatar Boost Unlocked
  13. BONUS: Online Dating Conversation Case Studies


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Level 1: Basic Online Dating Game

You can’t win a game you don’t know HOW TO PLAY, right? This Level 1 online course covers 26 online dating objectives that are designed to help you achieve “Basic Online Dating Game,” so that YOU understand the ins and outs of HOW to play the online dating game, SUCCESSFULLY. 


The course is now available! FREE FOR GGG ACADEMY MEMBERS!! The discount code is on the GGG Academy “Bulletin Board.” Not a GGG Academy member? Join NOW at REGISTER FOR ACADEMY

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Understanding Game: The Key to Your Success

Successful people don’t want you to understand the need to improve your Game. It benefits THEM. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced student of Game, this online course is designed to help you HACK your Game improvement.

AVAILABLE NOW! FREE FOR GGG ACADEMY MEMBERS!! Discount code available on GGG Academy “Bulletin Board.” Not a GGG Academy member? Join NOW at REGISTER FOR ACADEMY

If you purchased prior to March 25th, please note that the course is now available. You can access your course at My Courses and Subscriptions.

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