Director of Business Development/Technology
Level 1/3 of Game: “Student”

Guillermo is a great example that it’s never too late to change your circumstances, as long as you’re ready to learn. Already into his mid 30’s, Guillermo finally accepted that “his way” of doing things both personally and professionally were unsuccessful. Fed up with his results, he made the decision “enough was enough” and began working as a student with Mario, Get Game Group’s Master of Game (“GetGameGuy”). Soon after becoming Mario’s student he made immediate and drastic improvements in his confidence and comfort with women, discovered a new and higher level of social intelligence, and received two promotions within just one year. (Previous to his work with Mario, he had been rejected for the same promotion three times!) 

***Guillermo currently has an awesome relationship with his girlfriend who loves and appreciates the improved version of him with Game.

In Guillermo’s words, he wants others to know, “Get Game Group is not about changing who you are, we are about helping you highlight your best qualities while increasing your social awareness and intelligence. What is the result? You are more comfortable with who you are as person. For me, I’m a competitive, geeky jock that loves Stars Wars, baseball (not just a fan, I still play), and 80’s music. I am who I am! Not only am I more comfortable than ever being myself, but others accept and enjoy my presence so much more, and my options both professionally and personally (women and friends) have skyrocketed.”

Though still a student of Game, Guillermo’s presence and effort has improved so much that he was extended the opportunity to work with Get Game Group and has taken over duties as Director of Business Development/Technology. His contributions also extend as an ambassador for those students new to Game.