Emily Get Game Group Emily

Director of Marketing/Social Media
Level 2/3 of Game: “Apprentice” to Mario/“GetGameGuy”

Emily is a beautiful enigma. To the untrained eye she might seem scatter-brained or inconsistent, but in reality she consistently follows her highest bliss while maintaining her integrity to her core values. Her connection to her spirituality guides her even when she makes jokes about how often she masturbates (it’s a lot). Chalk full of interpersonal skills, she can talk to anyone and find out what they’re all about very quickly. Her natural warmth, confidence, and open mind allow people to let their guard down and bring more authenticity to any interaction.

Emily challenges those around her to be positive and learn from their hardships. She is fearless in following her passions and inspires others to do the same. With a heart of gold and the mouth of a sailor, she strikes an interesting balance of love and wisdom. No topic is taboo for Emily. Her raw honesty isn’t for everyone, but luckily she doesn’t give a fuck what you think. Unable to take Life too seriously, this free spirit doesn’t just drag her ass across a parking lot to get to her car, she fucking skips! Emily is pretty much the epitome of not giving a fuck.

Emily is also at Level 2 of Game where in addition to fulfilling her role with Get Game Group, she works closely with Mario as both his “right hand” and his “Apprentice” of Game. We look forward to her continued growth and contributions to Get Game Group.