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Mario is the founder of Get Game Group Dating Coaching for Men and Women (2015), specializing in teaching “Game” (awareness and competency of the better strategies for success) as a response to most men and women growing up unprepared by society for dating and relationship success.

Mario’s coaching style is:

  1. Direct in language
  2. Streamlined towards results
  3. Focused towards identifying and employing better strategies for success (“Game”).
  4. Influenced by an extensive educational background as an athletic coach, school teacher, assistant principal, advanced degrees qualifying him to be a district superintendent, as well as coaching experience and recognition as a Health & Fitness expert.

While sensitivity and feelings do matter, Mario understands life (and youth) is finite, and time is of the essence. A common statement you can hear him share is, “Your friends and family tell you what you WANT to hear (which hasn’t worked). I tell people what they NEED to hear, and teach them what they NEED to know.” As a Rationalist personality type, taking the long road to success just doesn’t make sense to him, and no one seems to mind achieving more success, faster.

Through Get Game Group, Mario is able to share his (natural, and developed) understanding for Social Dynamics , as well as his dating and relationship experience, which covers…almost everything most men and women could experience.

In 2018 Mario created Get Game Group Academy as an opportunity for men and women of all ages to receive free mentoring through his video lessons, sent Monday through Friday. 2019 has seen him take on the online dating world with his release of “Basic Online Dating Game” and “Advanced Online Dating Game.”


  • In 2013, became the FIRST Paleo athlete in the world to earn professional status as a (100%) NATURAL bodybuilder
  • Animal Whisperer (Coach?)
  • Youth Coach (soccer, football, track, basketball)
  • Former Writer and Director of Fitness for Paleo Movement Magazine
  • As a health and fitness expert, helped hundreds transform their bodies
  • Originated the mantra, “Bitch, I got options.”