The testimonials below reflect the many benefits of developing Game, including: improved attraction skills; improved confidence and success with the opposite sex; more, and better, dates; more, and better, sex; and improved relationships with romantic interests. Beyond romantic benefits, Game development has helped Get Game Group clients achieve greater happiness, better relationships with friends and family, and greater professional success. 

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I first emailed Mario when I ran into a few speed bumps with a particular girl. She’s absolutely stunning and I obviously wanted it to go right! Mario responded to my email super quickly with an incredibly detailed response and analysis of what was actually happening. It was so spot on it was scary! I immediately felt better after the response and calibrated a few things with the girl and I.


A few weeks later, and things couldn’t be going better. She’s head over heels for me and I’m stoked. This man truly cares about helping you with whatever your goal may be. Want multiple girls? Want one particular girl? Is your life not quite on track with any of these things? Do yourself a favour and get in contact with him, and get your situation sorted.  


Thanks again mate, you’re an absolute champion and I’m forever grateful for your advice!


Let me just say first off, Mario is an Alpha amongst Alphas and up and coming Alphas. Whatever circumstances occurred in his life to mold him into the social savant he is today, be glad he is willing to impart that knowledge onto us.

Mario has helped me to be aware of my own mental barriers with not just how I view women, but in how interact with them. He is brutally honest, but in a world of fucked up social conditioning, we need someone like him to let us really know how to navigate the social dynamics between a man and a woman.

I came to Mario hat in my hand with a girl I was flailing around with, and he took the time to show me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, and I ended up sleeping with that girl on the first night out.

I would recommend anyone to work with Mario, as he takes the time to really give a fuck about you because he genuinely wants to help.

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