The testimonials below reflect the many benefits of developing Game, including: improved attraction skills; improved confidence and success with the opposite sex; more, and better, dates; more, and better, sex; and improved relationships with romantic interests. Beyond romantic benefits, Game development has helped Get Game Group clients achieve greater happiness, better relationships with friends and family, and greater professional success. 

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I was recently questioning my life.. especially my sex life. I was determined that there must be some way to get better results with woman. In other words, “Get Game.” So I typed “get game” in Google and found Get Game Group on Instagram. I then went on the Get Game Group website and there were good articles, but I wanted more help, and decided to contact the CEO, GetGameGuy.


He helped me a lot with understanding the basics and he also helped me with one girl that I well…slept with after his help in correcting my mistakes. I was amazed! Mario also gave me some text gaming tips, which I now use.


If you want to stop wanking and start fucking, well there is a website out there for you. And don’t forget, Mario is providing constant Instagram posts and live gaming tips on Periscope sessions, I encourage you to follow!


I emailed Mario for some life advice. He made me realize that I was overthinking things and that I needed to take more action. He broke down the process of learning something new for me into simple steps and helped give me the motivational boost that I needed to move forward.


I have followed Get Game Group for some time on Twitter and it was entertaining and motivational. Learning game might just be one of the most important things you could do for yourself as a man, and Mario from Get Game Group is here to help you on your journey.


Thanks Mario!

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