The testimonials below reflect the many benefits of developing Game, including: improved attraction skills; improved confidence and success with the opposite sex; more, and better, dates; more, and better, sex; and improved relationships with romantic interests. Beyond romantic benefits, Game development has helped Get Game Group clients achieve greater happiness, better relationships with friends and family, and greater professional success. 

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I emailed Mario for some life advice. He made me realize that I was overthinking things and that I needed to take more action. He broke down the process of learning something new for me into simple steps and helped give me the motivational boost that I needed to move forward.


I have followed Get Game Group for some time on Twitter and it was entertaining and motivational. Learning game might just be one of the most important things you could do for yourself as a man, and Mario from Get Game Group is here to help you on your journey.


Thanks Mario!


Where do I start? I messaged Mario for some help regarding a girl at 2 A.M. my time, hoping for him to reach out to me with a blunt response that would at least point me to direction. What I got was EXTREMELY unexpected. He guessed my entire situation based on a complete background brief which I gave him. He even predicted what I have tried to do, which was absolutely spot on, followed by an intricate response. He pointed me in the correct direction, and the information he gave was full of value and extremely detailed. I honestly was not expecting this; the detailed and accuracy in the response was actually astonishing. I’d recommend Mario to everybody, and he has definitely gained a loyal fan/follower in me after he genuinely reached out and took time out to help me in his busy schedule, even though I had never spoken to him before. It’s quite hard for me to express my gratitude via typing, but to calibrate, I’m honestly grateful for the help and sincerity Mario showed to a message he received completely out of the blue from me. Thanks Super Mario!

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