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Is the transformation of your health and fitness part of your goal to “Become the best YOU”? Awesome, because without a healthy and fit body, the mind cannot reach, and perform, at it’s potential. Now wouldn’t it be convenient if there were a way to get you on the fast track to success with the guidance of someone recognized as a health and fitness expert? Wait, we’ve got one of those!

Mario, the “GetGameGuy” doesn’t just know Game. In 2013, Mario became the FIRST EVER, *Paleo athlete to earn his pro card as a 100% natural bodybuilder (that means no steroids, hormones, or “funny” stuff). And as a recognized health and fitness expert, he has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies, health, and fitness.

  • “Paleo” just means this: Mario ate, and eats, more naturally, like our caveman ancestors. He advocates avoiding/limiting processed/artificial foods, food in a box/wrapper, dairy, beans/legumes. Nothing crazy, right? But in bodybuilding, the conventional wisdom regarding diet has always included a LOT of crap foods that do major damage to the body’s insides!! UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A “PALEO” GUIDE, AND ITS INFORMATION IS UNIVERSALLY BENEFICIAL FOR ANY, AND EVERYONE. 

In this guide, Mario offers you the essential information you need to understand, recommendations for achieving your goals easier and faster, and has compiled this information in a way that you can EASILY understand!  We understand that as a Get Game Group member, you’re obviously into improving yourself and “Becoming the best YOU.” Here’s to working smarter, not harder!!

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