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Hi guys, I’m Mario, the “GetGameGuy.” If you’re looking for a sob story about an awkward, socially deficient guy who turned himself into a “Ladies’ Man,” well that’s not my story. I’ve always been successful with women, leadership, and social behavior. There’s no vendetta here, I’ve got nothing against women or anything to prove. I just have a mind for human behavior, it’s my gift, and I’m sharing my knowledge in order to help others. 

Prior to Get Game Group and becoming “GetGameGuy,” my background began in Education where I was a teacher, coached almost every sport, and advanced quickly as the youngest administrator in my district, and perhaps the state. A few years into my advancing career as an administrator, my position was downsized due to budget cuts and seniority. Viewing this moment as an opportunity, and despite my advanced degrees, qualifications, and pursuit to be a district superintendent, I left the field seeking new challenges. Most people would have thought the decision to walk away crazy. But in my mind, I was more of the belief, “Bitch, I got options.”

Without fear I jumped into another lifelong pursuit, health and fitness. Always into athletics, health, and fitness, I began a business as a diet and training coach. Along that successful path I’ve been recognized as a health and fitness expert, become a writer and Director of Fitness of Paleo Movement Magazine, helped hundreds transform their health and fitness, and became the first ever Paleo athlete to earn professional status as a (100%) natural bodybuilder. Get Game Group, however, is my greatest passion, allowing me to “transform” individuals from within, where I believe it must take place, towards greater success not just in dating or love, but also life.  

At times I’m well aware that the Get Game Group message and content is raw and unfiltered. But that’s just how I operate, and it works. You’ve had enough friends and family bullshit you, and it’s gotten you nowhere. I get people dates, sex, relationships, jobs, promotions, confidence, and even happiness. I fucking get results.  

I’m looking forward to this new journey, and to sharing all the crazy shit that I know, think about, and observe from Life and human behavior with all our Get Game Group following. Raw and unfiltered, of course. Don’t forget to check out our social media, links are all listed below, we have tons of great content everywhere, be sure to follow!